Biological Male Wins Women's Powerlifting Championship - By 463 POUNDS

Brittany M. Hughes | August 15, 2023
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A transgender woman - also known as a biological male, complete with XY chromosomes, a truckload more testosterone, and the whole bit - set the new record for powerlifting in the women’s division Wednesday, shocking everyone except decent people who know - and still acknowledge - how biology works.

Not only did Anne Andres, a 40-year-old dude with ridiculous blue hair, win the entire tournament by lifting more than his female competitors, he completely blew away the competition by miles, lifting 463 lbs more than the second-place runner-up. In fact, Andres lifted 597.5 kg (1,317 lbs) compared to the 387.5 kg (854 lbs) lifted by SuJan Gil, the top biologically female contender.

Reduxx later corrected their post to verify that Andres had lifted 210 kg - not lbs - more, which equates to about 463 lbs. Yikes.

In a video posted to social media, Andres acknowledged that his competing against female athletes isn’t “necessarily fair” because of “science or whatever,” but that he should be allowed to utterly trounce his biologically disadvantaged competitors because he’s “nice to people.”

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"It really struck me that maybe my participation isn’t necessarily fair – I mean, there’s science or whatever – but people welcome me because I’m actually nice to people,” he said.

Following his win Sunday, Andres posted to Instagram, “I don’t care about records. I care about being there with my friends… Thank you for having me friends. I am always honored to be there with you. I hope I earn it.”

"Earn it" - by competing against women who couldn't ever physically lift anything close to what he can. 

Of course, social media users who still retain a brain and the courage to speak out (including many actual women disgusted by this display) were quick to point out the obvious unfairness.

Our hats are off to Gil, the actual winner of the women’s powerlifting championship. And shame on Andres and anyone who thinks his first place medal amounts to a hill of beans, or who still believes that the leftists who praise this garbage actually care one whit about women.