Binder Full of...Nothing? WH Press Sec. Can't Give Formula Update After 20 Seconds of Page Flipping

Nick Kangadis | June 14, 2022
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If you’ve checked out my “Things That Need To Be Said” weekly commentaries, you’ll know that I pointed out just a few of many examples of the supposed stupidity plaguing President Joe Biden’s regime and those that work within it. If the clip below had happened, or was available at the time of recording last week, it definitely would’ve been included as a prime example of the aforementioned plague.

Really quick, what is the point of a press secretary if they have no idea what they’re doing and have no information to convey to reporters who still bother asking questions of the current regime expecting honest answers.

On Monday, out-of-her-depth White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had nothing to give a reporter seeking an update to the all but forgotten by politicians baby formula shortages.

“What is the latest update the White House has received on the current formula situation across the country?” one reporter asked Jean-Pierre.

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“Let me see if I have anything new for you on that,” Jean-Pierre responded.

That’s when the press secretary flipped through her talking points binder for, literally, a good 20 seconds before stopping on a page and delivering an answer — well, kinda.

“I don’t have anything new,” Jean-Pierre said, breaking her silence. “I know we made some announcements last week. I just don’t have them in front of me.”

Isn’t that her whole job? To “have them in front of” you? I guess not.

Good to see the “transparency” is strong within this regime. Ironically, transparency looks to be the only “trans” thing they don’t support.


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