Bill Press Suggests Todd Palin Is A Terrorist

kpicket | October 10, 2008
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By Kerry Picket The mainstream media has resorted to attacking GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's husband Todd. On Bill Press' radio show this morning, Press said the following:
PRESS: What's the difference between a secessionist and a terrorist? Isn't a secessionist just another form of a terrorist? Ask Abraham Lincoln. ... Let's find out what the "First Dude" was going to do in order to secede from the union. I tell you it wasn't going to be peaceful.
Has Bill Press lost it? The first glaring difference is that Todd Palin never blew up innocent people or landmarks all over the country. Comparing Palin to Bill Ayers is just plain nonsense and disingenuous. More importantly,  Palin was never shown to "terrorize" others like Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn did. The first line of attack regarding the Alaska Independence Party was that Sarah Palin was a secessionist. When that was debunked, the left decided to target her husband. Todd Palin registered with the party in 1995 but later registered as undeclared  in 2000 and again in 2002. How active was he, though, while in the party? Many states have "independence" parties, and they get their numbers from people who believe they are registering in no party at all. Palin has no active history with the Alaskan party, so he may have thought he was truly declaring himself an independent voter -- the kind of individual the media loves these days. Keep in mind that the Republican Party in Alaska was corrupt when Palin registered. It took his wife's reforms to later clean up the GOP in Alaska. UPDATE: H/T to Freeper x for this possible explanation:
[w]henever you see a reference to Palin and the Alaska Independence Party in the '90s that doesn't mention Walter Hickel, who was elected governor on that ticket in 1990, what you're reading is a smear and an attempt at manipulation. Hickel was a former Republican governor and U.S. secretary of the interior who ran on the AIP ticket and won. He rejected the Independence platform. Palin didn't "join" the party; he selected it as his party preference when he registered to vote, and the odds are he did it to indicate his support for Hickel rather than for independence. More here. It's also been said that Joe Biden voted for legislation that might lead to Hawaiian independence.
Liberal blogs have been lit up comparing Ayers to Todd Palin this week. As usual, the media has picked up the talking points of those blogs. The typical line of the press these days has been that the McCain campaign is getting desperate, so they are attacking Obama over his relations with Ayers. If anything, the line of attack against Todd Palin from Press looks like the media is becoming even more desperate.