Bill Nye Is The ‘Wrong Guy’ On COVID Vaccines – Predicting ‘It's Two Years, Everybody’

Eric Scheiner | December 15, 2020

"It's two years, everybody," Bill Nye boldly declared in May. 

That’s how long the self-dubbed “science guy” claimed it would take for a COVID-19 vaccine to be produced during an appearance on Fake News CNN.

"You can't address a virus that can cross state borders at the speed of the wind without having a national or, indeed, an international program," Nye told CNN. 

 "I think two years to get something that people trust,” he later added.

Nye was among those in the media pessimistic about President Trump’s optimism that a COVID vaccine could be quickly obtained (see video below for more on this).

Nye has been an out-spoken critic of the Trump administration when it comes to issues of science.

“The current administration is taking extraordinary steps in the wrong direction,” Nye said about climate change in 2019.

Nye has gone as far as to label the Trump administration the “anti-science movement.”

Good thing the administration didn’t believe in Nye’s “science” this past spring.

H/T Fox News