Bill Nye Finally Speaks Truth, Says 'I Am a Failure!'

Nick Kangadis | October 26, 2017

Bill Nye “The Not-so Science Guy” has finally admitted what we’ve all known for years.

“I am a failure,” Nye said in a recent interview with uber-Left leaning website Salon.

Give the man credit. This is one of the few times in the last 20 years that Nye said something accurate.

In proclaiming his failure, Nye was referencing his work over the years in promoting the global warming/climate change, or whatever they’re calling it in this week’s agenda.

“The problem has been the fossil fuel industry is so well-funded,” Nye bloviated. “Even these guys…with kids and grandkids have lost sight of what the consequences of introducing the idea that scientific uncertainty, plus or minus a couple percent, is somehow the same as doubt about the whole thing, plus or minus 100 percent.”

Whatever you say, Bill.

Of course, it would be a Bill Nye interview without some kind of failed dig at the new-and-improved Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“The United States has now got the head of the EPA who wants to close the EPA,” Nye said. “It’s completely ineffective!”

The EPA has been ineffective only in the sense that they’re not doing exactly what people like Nye dictate concerning climate change anymore.

Listen, Bill. May I call you, Bill? We all just want to thank you for finally saying something that makes some sense. You, sir, are indeed a failure.

Want proof? Check out Nye’s Netflix show. Or don’t. Yeah, you’re probably better off if you don’t.

H/T: The Blaze

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