Bill Maher to Bill Clinton Accusers in 1997: 'Take One For the Team'

Nick Kangadis | October 5, 2018

You know, Leftist talk show host Bill Maher gets a couple things right on a regular basis. His stances on free speech and the ills of Islam come to mind. But on pretty much everything else, Maher sure knows how to step in “it.” I’m just wondering how he’s going to scrape this “it” off his shoe.

Maher took to Twitter on Thursday following the release of the unfavorable-to-his-narrative FBI report on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and decided to show compassion to the women of America.

Here’s Maher’s tweet:



For those that don’t know, “boofed” is slang for either anal sex or figuratively being “screwed,” which is what Maher meant with his use of the word.

But, one Twitter user brought up something Maher said on his old show from his ABC days, “Politically Incorrect.” Needless to say, his comments on this night was not complimentary to women.

The year was 1997, and then-president Bill Clinton was in the middle of facing accusations made by multiple women, most notably Paula Jones. Maher brought up the point that the victims of possible sexual assault at the hands of Clinton should “take one for the team.”

Take a look:


Maher didn’t seem to be joking, either. “For the good of the country” isn’t a good reason for sexual assault victims to pack up, go home and shut up, not that there’s any reason good enough for sexual assault victims not to come forward.

The “Real Time with Bill Maher” host contradicted himself on the highest level by acting like he’s concerned for women, when in actuality he only seems to be concerned about women on the Left.