Big Woke Tech: Yelp to Cover Abortion Travel Expenses

Matt Philbin | April 13, 2022

Ever been embarrassed to turn in an expense report with a too-large bar tab on it? (Oh sure, I’m the only one.) How would you feel about turning in an expense report that included killing your unborn child? Well, if you work for Yelp, you needn’t be embarrassed. Heck, it’s positively encouraged.

The online review platform will pick up womens’ (birthing people’s?) travel expenses if they “must” travel out of state for an abortion, according to AP. Yes, it’s mostly woke posturing, since even AP acknowledges that just 200 of the company’s 4,000 employees are located in Texas, where abortion is illegal after six weeks of pregnancy. 

Now, if you’re kind of person who’d involve your company in your infanticide, why not up and move to the home office in San Francisco? There you can get a souvenir refrigerator magnet with your drivethru abortion, and your fellow Yelpers will presumably sing you “Happy Abortion” over a sheet cake in the break room. 

‘We’ve long been a strong advocate for equality in the workplace, and believe that gender equality cannot be achieved if women’s healthcare rights are restricted,’ said Miriam Warren, Yelp‘s chief diversity officer.

As AP points out, making a show of helping employees destroy life is all the rage among the kind of companies that have chief diversity officers and actually allow them to speak in public. Citigroup, Uber and Lyft have already advertised their corporate virtue along these lines. 

Just pray Yelp employees aren’t required to post a review.