Big Tech Works Against Free Election: TechShark

Alex Hall | October 16, 2020
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In a shocking story released by the New York Post (the Post) on Oct. 14, emails from Democratic presidential candidate Biden’s son Hunter Biden reportedly exposed the alleged corrupt dealings of both father and son in Ukraine.

The story reportedly found emails from a Ukrainian executive, an adviser to the board of Burisma, thanking Hunter Biden for the opportunity to meet his father Joe Biden in Washington D.C. Twitter, following Facebook’s lead, has responded by disabling the link, claiming: “Warning: this link may be unsafe.” You can’t post this story. You cant even DM this story on Twitter, I tested it myself. This is an unprecedented escalation of censorship.

Twitter has censored the New York Post, the White House Press Secretary kayleigh mcenany, OANN’s Jack Posobiec, the Trump Campaign, James Woods, Dana Loesch and even the House Judiciary for sharing this story. Yes, Twitter is now censoring the government of the world's most powerful country for sharing a story. I don’t wanna hear a peep outta people saying the free market will solve this.

(UPDATE: By Friday morning Twitter switched its position, now saying they’re changing their policy to add “context” to stories with potentially hacked or stolen material. The change comes after several lawmakers on Capitol Hill accused Twitter and Facebook, of interfering with the election.)

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