Big Tech Censorship: YouTube Suspends Sen. Rand Paul for 'Misinformation'

Nick Kangadis | August 11, 2021
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Big Tech's power has grown to tyrannical proportions. So much so that elected officials apparently aren't exempt from their "misinformation" and "disinformation" campaigns wrath, as previously evidenced by their de-platforming of former President Donald Trump - while he was still the president.

Well, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) - who is also a doctor that has studied immunology - has been suspended for a week by YouTube for claiming that masks are ineffective in a recent video he posted to multiple social media sites. The video in question also saw Paul encourage constituents to "resist" the government mandates and restrictions placed on them in the name of their "science."

"This resulted in a first strike on the channel, which means it can't upload content for a week, per our longstanding three strikes policy," a YouTube spokesperson said, according to CNN. "We apply our policies consistently across the platform, regardless of speaker or political views, and we make exceptions for videos that have additional context such as countervailing views from local health authorities."

In response, Paul sent out a tweet referring to those at YouTube as "leftwing cretins" and that he will wear the seven-day suspension as a "badge of honor."

Ironically, the offending video that got Paul his suspension is still up on YouTube and was, in fact, the first video that came up in search results when I simply typed in "Rand Paul."

The Big Tech oligarchs have no problem spreading "misinformation" and "disinformation" of their own by censoring things, both factual and opinion, that they personally don't agree with. They just speak and spread their lies by being as vague as possible, while also speaking by who they censor. They don't even need to say anything to speak volumes.

For the offending video from Paul, watch below:


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