‘The Big Lie’: Trump Tackles Left’s Anti-Police Rhetoric

Eric Scheiner | July 26, 2022
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“The big lie” - that’s how Donald Trump summed up the anti-police narrative of the left on Tuesday.

Trump criticized the spike in violent crime under the Biden administration during his address at the America First Agenda Summit in Washington DC.


“Our police officers are heroes, performing a great public service at great personal risk. It's an unbelievably dangerous job,” Trump said.

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“And by the way, more dangerous today by far -by far, than it has ever been. Mistakes are made, but we cannot allow every isolated policing mistake to be turned into a national crisis and all power taken away from our police so that people are killed all over the streets of our country.

The radical left's anti-police narrative is a total lie. Let's call it ‘the big lie.’ Have you ever heard that expression before? The big lie.

That's why next year, our new majorities in Congress should vote to strengthen qualified immunity and other protections for our great police officers.”

Trump argued that leftists have caused many officers to retire or quit.

“The mere concept of defunding the police should never again be stated or even heard. It is so ridiculous and so dangerous,” Trump said.

Trump urged potential lawmakers in the next Congress to pass emergency funding to hire and retain thousands of police officers.

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