Biden's 'Transitory' Inflation Doesn't Seem So 'Transitory'

mrctvstaff | February 10, 2022
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The disastrous inflation numbers released on Thursday have even penetrated the liberal cocoon of the media.

The leftist media reassured its viewers last year that Biden's inflation was "transitory", just as the White House claimed. On Thursday they realized that Biden's inflation has not only lingered  - but hit a 40-year high. Panic has set in.

Of course, they are really concerned that the inflation will hurt Democrats in the mid-term elections.

What happened to MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle assuring people they had money to pay for Biden's inflation?

As CNSNews reports:

Over the last 12 months, the all-items index increased 7.5 percent before seasonal adjustment, higher than the 7.3 percent year-to-year increase analysts were expecting and the biggest such increase since February 1982, 40 years ago.

January’s 7.3 percent year-to-year increase was higher than the annual +7.1 percent recorded for the 12 months ending in December 2021.

BLS says compensation costs for civilian workers (includes private industry and state and local government) increased 4.0 percent for the 12-month period ending December 2021, so inflation  is running ahead of wages.