Biden’s Pro-Abortion Ambassador Arrives at Vatican

Matt Philbin | April 15, 2022
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Joe Biden is a super-devout Catholic. Just ask the media.

And just in time for Easter, super-devout Catholic Joe Biden’s super-devout Catholic ambassador to the Vatican presented his credentials to Pope Francis on April 11. You can be sure Joe meditated and prayed in his super-devout way over his choice, before going ahead and sending a former senator who racked up a whopping 28% rating from the National Right to Life.

According to FNC, former senator Joe Donnelly (D - In) looks forward to deepening our ties with the Holy See. My family and I are proud to be members of the Catholic faith." The Catholic Church, Donnelly said, “has been a core part of my life and values.”

You, dear reader, might think that Donnelly’s senate record would reflect those values. But you are a narrow minded bigot. His  pro-life voting record was 28% and said he became a fan of gay marriage in 2013 because it was “the right thing to do.” So, presumably, was his support for federal funding of Planned Parenthood, America’s busiest abortion mill. 

So Donnelly is a Catholic in the Joe Biden mold. FNC noted that Pope Benedict “vetoed three of former President Barack Obama's appointed ambassadors because of their abortion views, including Caroline Kennedy.” 

Don’t expect anything so ill-mannered and, well, Catholic from Francis. He’s an orthodox Jesuit.