Biden’s Inauguration Poet Is Adamantly Pro-Abortion

Sergie Daez | January 29, 2021
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It is fitting that a pro-abortion poet should perform for a pro-abortion president. 

Amanda Gorman, who immediately became the darling of the left after reciting a poem for President Joe Biden’s inauguration day, is a staunch supporter of abortion. According to, she encouraged pro-choice advocates to fight abortion bans in a poem she wrote as a student at Harvard. 

Gorman’s poem, which she wrote when several states were trying to criminalize abortions in 2019, listed eight reasons on why abortion bans were unacceptable.


1. Banning abortion is a form of controlling women.

2. Keeping the child instead of aborting it sustains “the patriarchy,” and condemns the family to poverty and economic inequality.

3. What women do with their babies is their own business, not the government’s.

4. When there’s a will there’s a way. Banning abortions will take away female rights, but it won’t stop abortions.

5. The bans will increase the difficulty in accessing an abortion. 

6. There are already obstacles in getting an abortion. Getting rid of such obstacles ensures equality for all.

7. The fundamental right to deciding how many children one has is at stake. 

8. Now is the time to fight for abortion, as their is plenty of support for the cause. 


As per usual among pro-choice advocates, Gorman failed to bring up the actual emotional harm abortions can inflict on those involved. She also avoided any focus on the actual killing of a baby. She may claim that “we are never alone when we fight fire with feminism” in her poem, but she’s doing women a disservice by not warning them. 


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