Biden’s HHS Nominee Claims Assisted Suicide 'Provides Some Relief' To Families

Sergie Daez | February 23, 2021
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Committing suicide is neither healthy nor helpful to other humans. However, President Joe Biden thinks that those who abet such a tragedy can still be authorities on matters of health. 

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), is a staunch supporter of assisted suicide, according to the Catholic News Agency. In 2018, Becerra appealed the decision to overturn the End of Life Option Act, California’s assisted suicide law.

His appeal was successful, and the law was reinstated in the same year. It was upheld again in January 2020.

Becerra doesn’t sound that reliable on matters of health at all, given that he thinks it’s alright for physicians to help patients kill themselves. Isn’t that the opposite of what physicians are supposed to do?

Then again, Biden supports infanticide, so it makes sense that he would want his secretaries to be like-minded.

Totally devoid of common sense, Becerra thinks that the preservation of the End of Life Option Act was a great step for - of all things - families. In his own words, keeping the Act was “an important step to protect and defend the End of Life Option Act for our families across the state.” 

He also claimed that the law “provides some relief to California patients, their families, and doctors who have been living in uncertainty while facing difficult health decisions.”

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So allowing a doctor to kill the patient “protects” and “provides some relief” to their family. How is a family supposed to find consolation in the suicide of a relative?

It is undoubtedly painful to suffer from or watch a loved one suffer from a disease, but curing them by killing them isn’t the right answer. 

However, Becerra doesn’t believe that. It wouldn't be a surprise if he was detrimental to everybody’s health if he’s confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services. 

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