Biden's Facebook Censorship Call Relies On Leftist 'Dark Money' Group

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 22, 2021

Joe Biden Monday quickly backpedaled his July 16 claim that Facebook was “killing people” by not censoring people enough. Especially those who post items skeptical of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Instead, he and White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki explained that it was a dirty dozen on FB whose “misinformation” was “responsible” for “killing people.”

Said Biden:

It was pointed out that on Facebook, of all the misinformation, 60 percent of the misinformation came from 12 individuals. ... Facebook isn't killing people, these twelve people who are out there giving misinformation ... [are] killing people.

In fact, when Biden says, “IT was pointed out,” he doesn’t get it quite right. The number was not 60 percent, but was 65 percent, and he refers to a March release from a UK-based group with the self-righteous title of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, or CCDH.

It’s the same “study” that leftist Guardian.UK recently promoted, saying:

CCDH, a UK/US non-profit and non-governmental organization, found in March that these 12 online personalities they dubbed the ‘disinformation dozen’ have a combined following of 59 million people across multiple social media platforms, with Facebook having the largest impact. CCDH analyzed 812,000 Facebook posts and tweets and found 65% came from the disinformation dozen.

(God forbid anyone publish or say things that people might want to read or hear…)

But what IS CCDH? And how does the Biden Administration reference to it increase justified concern that Biden and US bureaucrats “working with” big tech to silence people are engaging in a shocking form of 21st Century fascism?

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The CCDH began in 2018, the brainchild of Imran Amhed, a former advisor to Labour Party MPs Hilary Benn and Angela Eagle. And he quickly surrounded himself with leftist “influencers,” creating strong ties to left-wing UK and US political players.

As Influence Watch notes:

Board member Kristy McNeill is a former adviser to former Labour Party British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and former board member Morgan McSweeney resigned from the board to become chief of staff to Labour Party leader Keir Starmer.

And in 2019, Ahmed et al changed the name of their group to The Center for Countering Digital Hate, eschewing the proper British spelling “Centre” and opting for the US spelling, while, at the same time acquiring NGO status. 

Financial transparency is not a requirement for UK registered NGO’s. The Federalist has noted  the group is a "foreign, dark-money group" that works to deplatform those that it targets.

And the CCDH is not tied solely to UK political interests.

Its other directors include the US-connected Simon Clark, who also works for the Center for American Progress, the hardcore leftist organization created through the efforts of some of the biggest collectivist ideologues on Earth, including former Obama Advisor and Clinton flunky, John Podesta. 

As DiscoverTheNetworks.Org observes:

Investigative journalist Robert Dreyfuss wrote in the March 1, 2004 edition of The Nation: ‘The idea for the Center [CAP] began with discussions in 2002 between [Morton] Halperin and George Soros, the billionaire investor.… Halperin, who heads the office of Soros’ Open Society Institute, brought [former Clinton chief of staff] John Podesta into the discussion, and beginning in late 2002, Halperin and Podesta circulated a series of papers to funders.’ The Capital Research Center reports that Podesta eagerly ‘took on the project of creating a new laboratory for liberalism.’

And now, despite the group’s clear leftist agenda, despite its ties to some of the most powerful collectivist figures in world history, the Biden Administration is citing CCDH as an authoritative source in its new campaign to combine the power of government and the Facebook corporation to silence people who offer something that does not jibe with the political narrative.

And, as I noted in my piece on Biden policing Facebook exchanges, the Prez wants to track those of us who share what he deems “misinformation.”

Of course, one can't expect CCDH to correct Biden or call for “news” organizations that parrot his erroneous claims to be removed from FB in the Administration’s quest to create new fascism in America.

How about NOT removing dissent? How about we ask for free speech and for government to stop “working with” websites and NGOs to stifle our exchange of info?

How about they let US figure out what is true?