Biden’s Economic Report Mentions 'Gender' 40 Times More Than 'Inflation'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 22, 2022
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Gender-economics, anyone?

Harry Wilmerding reports for The Daily Caller that Joe Biden’s recently released “Economic Report” on the US (coupled with his “Annual Report from the Council of Economic Advisors” – try squaring either of those with the concept of a free economy) contains 40 times more mentions of the word “gender” than it does the verboten term “inflation.”

And, just like the real price problem is worse than what the Bidenistas will admit or even acknowledge, the oddball verbiage actually is worse than that.



Biden used the word ‘gender’ 127 (times) in his economic plan, while he mentioned ‘inflation’ just 87 times. Meanwhile, the report mentioned ‘inequality’ 147 times and ‘emissions’ nearly 100 times.

It’d be easy to write a dig about what the economically dyspeptic Administration is “emitting…”

But, perhaps we need to understand that economics is “fluid” now. The word can “identify” as anything. In fact, it’s far better to call it “gendernomics” in 21st Century America.

Likewise for “inflation,” which most people get wrong, anyway. As I’ve noted for MRCTV, when reporters grudgingly admit that “inflation” is at a rate not seen in forty years, they’re mistaking price increases for the inflation of the money supply that has bid up all the prices.

They also forget that the Executive Branch Bureau of Labor Statistics changed the core CPI (Consumer Price Index) “inflation” calculation in 1990, so the measurement does not include the full impact of food or gas. As Paul Ebeling observes for LiveTradingNews:

Food and Fuel are necessary staples, meaning demand for them doesn’t change much even as prices rise.

…Which is precisely why they SHOULD be included.

But, as Hillary Clinton in 2015 famously said to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) when asked about the horrible murders of Americans in Benghazi during a bungled arms transfer, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

Asking for truth in price-reporting from the very government-banking cartel that has paid off various interest groups (state, corporate, international, collegiate, racial, environmental, generational, and on and on) for so long that it flooded the economy with bogus cash is like asking a drug dealer how many addicts he’s “facilitated.”

Writes Wilmerding:

The Labor Department reported an 8.5% year-over-year increase in the Consumer Price Index, a key inflation indicator, for March, the highest level since December 1981.

And, again, since one can be sure that price increases are much higher than that, perhaps it’s better that Biden’s “report” focuses on self-congratulation more than reality.

’Our nation needed an economic policy that was nimble enough to meet the significant and evolving challenges required to defeat a pandemic and recover from the severe economic disruptions it had caused,’ Biden wrote. ‘Recovery had to be swift and robust; it was not sufficient to return to where we had been, we had to build toward a better future.’

Kind of like the captain of the Titanic patting himself on the back, as the ship went down.

Biden also misdirected readers, claiming that the Soviet style central-planning he and others push to fight their bogeyman of “climate change” won’t be (as it already has been) a drag on free markets and productivity, but will be a boon.

If he thinks so, why not enter the private market, and ask for investors, rather than forcing people to pay for his fascist dreamscape?

And, of course, if anyone DOES accuse Biden’s policies of making prices worse and making life harder, he, like so many of the pop press, will point to Ukraine.

It’s Russia-Russia-Russia and the fakery of blaming the Russia-Ukraine war for higher energy prices.

The Biden answer? Don’t free-up the vast energy resources of the US, don’t recognize that the federal government has no constitutional or ethical “power” over land and sea areas it claims to control. Don’t allow PEOPLE to be free. Instead, pretend that “we’re all in this together” and escape depends on the central US government pushing us to “alternative” energy that is not as efficient.

’Moreover, the war in Ukraine reinforces the fact that the United States must attain energy independence, which can happen by eliminating dependence on fossil fuels over the long term,’ Biden said.

All of which just serves to make the pain of this economy even worse. The insulting way they misdirect, the infuriating manner in which they talk down to people and pretend reality is based on “gender sensitivity” and other nonsense… it’s all stunning.

Most of us likely are familiar with the term, “speak of the Devil,” which finds its source in England, circa the 17th Century, and refers to the fear that if one speaks of Satan, “he’s presently at your elbow.”

Before it was purged from BBC online, some of us might have seen the hilarious “Fawlty Towers” episode called “The Germans,” in which John Cleese’s Basil Fawlty is hit on the head and keeps telling employees not to “mention the WAR” around their German bed and breakfast guests.

In attempting so wildly to NOT mention it, to NOT bring attention to it, Fawlty brings more attention to it.

Which is precisely what Biden and his crew are doing.

Their tenacious, childlike insistence to avoid reality, to focus on other things, merely serves to increase the focus of Americans on the growing hardship in their lives.

And as the prices rise, so will our resentment.

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