Biden’s Dog Bites a White House Staff Member....Again

Sergie Daez | March 31, 2021

Amid the momentous news of the migrant invasion in the Southwest and the trial of Derek Chauvin in the North, we present to you a small reminder of the pathetic nature of leftist mainstream news bias, which is practically killing journalism.

According to the Daily Wire, President Joe Biden’s dog, Major, has gotten into trouble for biting someone...again. 

Major, the youngest of Biden’s two German Shepherds, reportedly bit an on-duty employee for the National Park Service, who had to receive attention from the White House medical unit. The incident happened on the White House’s South Lawn.

Daily Wire reported that the first biting occurred when Major attacked a White House security member earlier in March. Both dogs were taken back to Delaware, Biden’s home state, where they reportedly underwent training.

You may justly ask yourself, why does this matter? 

Well, remember how former President Donald Trump received negative publicity from the leftist press for not owning a dog? A Washington Post reporter asserted that Trump was “the first president in more than 100 years who has not had a dog as a pet in the White House.” 

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Of course, Trump’s lack of a pet dog has nothing to do with his quality as a president, but obviously the news outlets are always looking for reasons to criticize him, no matter how flimsy or irrelevant they are. You can bet that they would have kept their mouths shut if former President Barack Obama hadn't owned a dog.

On the contrary, the leftist news agencies were thrilled when President Joe Biden brought his two German Shepherds to the White House.

“From the Oval Office today, the President's dogs could be heard barking. Major and Champ joined the first family over the weekend and will now call the White House home,” one reporter gushed

Simply put, Major’s biting occurrence didn’t have to be a news story. But the leftist press made it fair game when they bashed Trump for not owning a pet.

You know journalism has reached new lows when insignificant stories like this become important news topics due to unbiased reporting.

By the way, the Democrat propaganda department, also known as the liberal media, has purposely ignored this latest biting incident. ABC only covered it for 10 seconds.