Biden's Border: Texas Morgues Request More Refrigerators As Migrant Deaths Soar

Brittany M. Hughes | September 12, 2022
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In the latest gut-churning update to Biden's border crisis, morgues in border towns - no, not Washington, D.C., despite what its hand-wringing city council claims, we're talking about actual border towns here - are requesting more refrigerators to store the bodies of dead migrants.

It turns out local facilities are actually running out of room to store the remains of all the illegal aliens who've been fished out of the Rio Grande. Their request for more fridges to put bodies comes as the number of migrants who've died trying to cross the Southwest U.S. border skyrockets to historic highs amid an unprecedented wave of illegal immigration thanks to Biden's lax border policies.

"There are so many bodies being recovered that the morticians are asking for assistance," Eagle Pass Fire Department Chief Manuel Mello III, said, as reported by Fox News. "I had never seen so many drownings like we're seeing right now."

Mello added new bodies are being recovered from the river "daily."

So far this fiscal year, a record-breaking 748 people have died trying to get across the Southwest U.S. border thrown open by the Biden administration.

The stunning figure – reported, to their credit, by CNN – is about 200 more deaths than in FY2021, and is a tragic reminder of just how deadly the journey into the U.S. can be for those trying to cross unlawfully through a treacherous river and arid desert. In fact, this year’s death total already marks the highest number of illegal alien fatalities in recent CBP history, and we've still got a month left to go.

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Just a few days ago, at least 13 deceased people were found by border agents and Mexican law enforcement along the riverbank while they were trying to fish other migrants out of the Rio Grande.

The Del Rio Sector of the border, which includes Mello's town of Eagle Pass, sees about 1,100 border crossings per day - and those are just the ones who are caught. In total, nearly 2 million illegal aliens have been caught crossing the Southwest U.S. border this fiscal year alone, according to the latest CBP data (which does not include the month of August).

The massive spike in border crossings is spurred by the Biden administration's open-border promise to many migrants, policies that remain in place despite the White House's insistence that the border is "closed" to illegal immigration. Since Biden took office in January 2020, his administration has released an estimated 1 million illegal aliens into the United States with orders to appear in immigration court. Another million or so "got-aways" are believed to have come into the United States without getting caught.