Biden's 100-Day Approval Ratings Are In, and...They Suck

Brittany M. Hughes | April 27, 2021
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Biden’s first 100 are coming to a close on Friday, and his approval ratings as a new president are in.

And they…suck.

According to a Langer Research Associates (LRA) poll, conducted for ABC News and The Washington Post, Biden’s approval rating sits at a fairly dismal 52 percent after roughly three months in office. Those numbers come after Biden has garnered increasing criticism for his handling of the COVID crisis, the massive surge of illegal aliens at the Southwest U.S. border, and trillions of dollars in proposed spending for everything ranging from COVID relief to infrastructure to combatting climate change overseas.

In fact, the only two presidents with a lower approval rating at the end of their first 100 days were Gerald Ford (48%) and Donald Trump (42%).

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Not shockingly, the poll fell out along party lines, with 90% of Democrats and only 13% of Republicans saying they approved of the job Biden has done so far.

But when it comes to individual issues, only 64% said they liked the way Biden has so far handled the COVID pandemic, while a low 52% said they approved of Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar signature infrastructure plan.

Another poll, this one by NBC, shows Biden’s approval rating at 53%, just one point higher than the LRA poll commissioned by ABC and WaPo. According to that survey, immigration – or Biden’s total bungling of it – has proven to be the new president’s weakest point of popularity, with only 33% of respondents saying they approve of the job he’s done in handling the border crisis. Likewise, only 35% approve of Biden’s handling of China, while 44% say they like how he’s addressed the issues taxes and spending.


(Cover Photo: Phil Roeder)


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