Biden: Trump Policies Have ‘Eaten A Lot Of Our Seed Corn’ With ‘God Awful Tax Cut’

Eric Scheiner | March 15, 2020
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Joe Biden says that President Donald Trump’s policies eaten “a lot of our seed corn” and that America needs a “major, major, major bailout package” to deal with Coronavirus.

During Sunday’s presidential debate Biden was asked about economic concerns as a result of the Coronavirus, “Just hours ago the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to near zero percent, which has not happened since the financial crisis in 2008. Vice president Biden, what would you do? “

“What I would do is make it clear to the world and make it clear to the United States that we are going to have to have a major, major, major bailout package that we do not reward corporations. We reward individuals who in fact are really put to the test here,” Biden said.

“The problem is the policies of this administration economically, have eaten a lot of our seed corn here. The ability for us to use levers that available to us before have been used up by this god awful tax cut of $1.9 trillion, by the fact we have used the Fed will be of little consequence now. They have already used what leverage they had and so we're going to have to just level with the American people.”