Biden Touts His Insanely Leftist Presidential Cabinet As The ‘Cabinet That Looks Like America’

Sergie Daez | April 2, 2021
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On Thursday, President Joe Biden uploaded a picture of himself with his presidential cabinet and captioned it with the words, “A Cabinet that looks like America.”

To make things absolutely clear, Biden’s cabinet, which he claims is a perfect representation of America and everything it stands for, includes a Secretary of State who promotes the practice of biological males using female restrooms and locker rooms, a Secretary of Defense who prioritizes the elimination of LGBTQI+ discrimination in foreign governments, an Attorney General who doesn’t know if illegal immigration should be against the law, a Secretary of Health and Human Services who victimizes nuns and is an active defender of assisted suicide, a Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who vouches for murderers, a Secretary of Transportation who dreams of taxing Americans for every mile they drive in their vehicles, a Secretary of Education who deems it “appropriate” for boys to compete in girls’ sports, and a Secretary of Homeland Security who claims that the border "is secure” and “is not open” as American towns are overrun with migrants.

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Not to mention that the Vice President is an ardent supporter of abortion who, in spite of her involvement in the #MeToo movement, has yet to speak up for girls suffering from male intrusion in school sports.

The whole wacky bunch sounds more like a troupe of circus clowns than a presidential cabinet. 

Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama must be quietly seething as Biden touts his presidential cabinet as a better representation of America than his own -- even though Biden himself was part of it.

H/T: Breitbart