Biden Takes A Knee, Calls Rapinoe, Seattle Storm SJWs America’s Finest

Jay Maxson | August 25, 2021
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President Joe Biden embarrassingly took a knee Monday as he hosted a celebration of the Women’s National Basketball Association champion Seattle Storm. Soccer player Megan Rapinoe was also in attendance at the White House with her Storm girlfriend Sue Bird, and the president praised these notorious social justice radicals to the hilt – claiming they represent the finest in America, and have remarkably served the country.

People who love this country, its values and its heritage took strong exception to the president’s glorification of the two women who have excessively torn America down and kneeled for the national anthem. Patriots responding on Twitter torched the president’s recognition of the unpopular Rapinoe and the champions of the fringe-Left WNBA.

The Seattle Storm are not remarkable because they won the league championship, Biden said, but because “they change lives.” Among their so-called greatest accomplishments, the president said, were “encouraging people to get vaccinated so we can beat this pandemic; speaking out and standing up for racial justice and voting rights; supporting education and [mentorship] programs for young people; and fighting to protect trans youth from an epidemic of violence and discrimination.”

More Storm praise from Biden:

That’s what winners do. They shine the light, they lift people up, they’re a force for change. That’s the Seattle Storm, that’s the WNBA, that’s what they do.

Biden committed a gaffe (that’s what socialist presidents with dementia do) by mispronouncing Rapinoe’s name. But he is crazy about hers and Bird’s left-wing politics.:

Between the two of them they share Olympic medals, World Cup titles, the WNBA championship, and above all, they define integrity and character. As president, as an American, I’m proud of how they represented us and they represent the best of what America stands for.

Better said, what America haters kneel for.

Biden also congratulated the Storm because it’s the only pro sports team with all-female ownership. He recognized Seattle as a “helluva city” (Antifa agrees!). He also bragged up his athletic grand-daughters and niece, along with the athletic exploits of aide Susan Rice.

Storm co-owner Ginny Gilder said her team

did not enter the (COVID-19 sheltering) bubble and leave behind the pain, grief and fury of the movement for social change that was washing across our country stirred up by the ongoing crisis of police killings of black people. In fact, they did the dead opposite. The women of the W waded into the center of the movement. They used their play on the court and their eloquence off, not merely to demand change, but to generate engagement and cause change … altering the power balance in the U.S. Senate by helping to elect two new senators from the State of Georgia … these leaders modeled how to respond in tough times … they changed the future of our country.

At the close of remarks, the president wandered back and forth across the stage before taking a knee in front of the Seattle team, provoking laughter. It was certainly not the type of behavior befitting of a president.

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