Biden Shuts Down Trump's 1776 Commission In Favor of Anti-American, Race-Baiting Propaganda


The 1776 Commission, the Trump administration's counter to the 1619 Project aiming at educating students about America's history of slavery, was shut down by President Joe Biden by executive order this past Wednesday. 

The 1776 Commission was created by the Trump team in 2020 to counter the goals of the 1619 Project, which was created in 2019 by activist Nicole Hannah-Jones and published in the New York Times. Commissioner Mike Gonzalez stated that the commission encourages “historians to look at primary sources, analyze what they meant in the context of the time, debate that meaning in good faith, without an agenda, and be ready to correct the record when proven wrong.” The commission also claimed last Monday that they were staving off attempts “to reframe American history around the idea that the United States is not an exceptional country but an evil one.”

The goals of the 1619 Project, on the other hand, are to instill a hatred of America and its history through school, and to get “white people to give up whiteness,” according to Hannah-Jones - basically peddling the idea that white people need to kowtow to minorities to make up for their latent and historic racism. The project is also known for its historically dubious theories, including the idea that America was actually founded when slavery first came to America via the British -- in 1619. The project also claims that the preservation of slavery was the driving force behind the American revolution.

It’s safe to conclude that Hannah-Jones is either obsessed with slavery, or flunked history back in grade school.

It's also safe to conclude that Biden has chosen to side with those who hate America.

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