Biden Shuns American People: 'Not Prepared' to Leave 'Fundamental the Whims of the Public'

Nick Kangadis | May 3, 2022
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President Joe Biden doesn’t think that Americans in their respective states should have a say in how those states are run.

A biased reporter basically asked Biden whether he thinks the Supreme Court should be fixed so the establishment can get their way in light of a leaked draft of a SCOTUS decision on the controversial and false narrative-based Roe v. Wade abortion law.

“Do changes need to be made to the court in light of this if this decision holds?” the reporter asked.

Biden responded with the following:

No, we just have to choose — I mean, look. One of the reasons why I voted against the number of the members on the court. They refused to acknowledge that there’s a Ninth Amendment. They refuse to acknowledge it, the right to privacy. I mean, there’s so many fundamental rights that are affected by that, and I’m not allow - not prepared to leave to the whims and the, and the uh, public at the moment.

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Oh, really. Then how’s about we take away the money that provides for the federal government?

I can’t even with this guy. When he’s not screwing up the country through his own clear mental ineptitude, he’s just repeating the talking points his far-left handlers have given to him.

You can check out the clip with both the question and answer below: