Biden Serves Up More Word Salad, Says We're Going to 'Accommodate' Russian Oligarchs

Brittany M. Hughes | April 28, 2022
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In yet another garbled, incoherent message that the fact-checkers are sure to cover up, President Joe Biden mumbled something unintelligible about “accommodating” Russian oligarchs – which apparently means seizing their wealth and “ill-begotten gains – before losing his mental train of thought and muttering something about Putin’s “kleptocracy.”

The nearly un-transcribable comment came as Biden was trying to explain the steps his administration is taking to "enhance our efforts to accommodate the Russian oligarchs," seeming either to not know what the word "accommodate" means.

"We're gonna accommodate them," Biden said, twice.

"We're gonna seize their yachts and their luxury homes and their other ill-begotten gains, of Putin's...klep...klept...yeah....kleptocracy. They guys who are in the kleptocracy," he concluded, chuckling at himself.



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