Biden Requests $4.3 BILLION To Funnel Illegal Alien Kids to Sponsors - While Screening Border Agents for 'White Supremacy'

Brittany M. Hughes | April 12, 2021
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Under his staggering $1.5 trillion-plus spending plan recently submitted to Congress, President Joe Biden is including a request for billions of taxpayer dollars to funnel the endless stream of illegal alien children into the country to be placed with sponsors, even as millions of American children stay locked out of public school classrooms and countless businesses struggle to stay afloat in an economy completely upended by the government’s bungling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the New York Times, amid hundreds of billions to be split between dozens of federal departments and agencies, Biden has asked Congress for more than $4 billion to “assist minors in immigration court proceedings and to provide mental health services to children separated from their parents.”

The NYT reports:

Mr. Biden also proposed $4.3 billion to speed up the release of minors to sponsors in the United States, to assist minors in immigration court proceedings and to provide mental health services to children separated from their parents under the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy, which led to the separation of thousands of immigrant families.

The funds would also be spent on processing more refugees displaced overseas. Mr. Biden has pledged to raise the cap on refugee admissions from the historically low annual cap of 15,000, although he has yet to sign the emergency determination.

While border agents continue to struggle under an overwhelming influx of illegal aliens streaming in from Mexico and Central America, Biden is also requesting an additional $84 million for Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement – but not to help them deal with the crisis.

“The money would be used to improve investigations of work force complaints, ‘including those related to white supremacy or ideological and nonideological beliefs,’” the New York Times reports.

Immigration officials estimate more than 1 million illegal aliens – including 184,000 unaccompanied children and teens – will cross the border into the United States this year alone, a total that would mark a 20-year-high. The administration continues to refuse to call the situation a crisis, despite being forced to open a number of overflow facilities, including at U.S. military bases, convention centers and stadiums, to deal with the unmanageable influx of minors.