Biden Order Reverses Trump Position, Shovels Millions In Taxpayer Cash To Planned Parenthood, And A 'Minister' Cheers

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 1, 2021
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Last Thursday Joe Biden reversed Donald Trump’s ban on “Title Ten” (of the 1970 Family Planning Services and Public Research Act) taxpayer funding to American offices of Planned Parenthood, and he rescinded Trump’s ban on American tax cash feeding International Planned parenthood overseas.

And a “Minister of God” applauded.

She is the Reverend Katey Zeh, CEO of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice – because, as we all know, intentionally ending a human life is not murder, it’s “reproductive choice.”

And taking money from people via taxation to end the lives of babies isn’t theft, it's "care."

And it’s totally, totally ethical and moral to take the cash in order to fund abortion, which totally isn’t homicide, remember.

And somehow, strange minds can twist that logic so it all fits with the precepts of Christianity. Zeh ought to know, since she’s a Baptist “minister” and has worked with the United Methodist Church.

And, as Micaiah Bilger reports for LifeNews, Zeh told The Huffington Post:

’As people of faith who support reproductive freedom, we believe that everyone has the capacity to make sacred decisions about their bodies, lives, families and futures,’ Zeh told the news outlet. ‘Any attempt to control, restrict or interfere with that decision is reproductive oppression.’

Yeah. Zeh actually called the decision to end another human life, “reproductive freedom”, called the “decision” “sacred” and said that any attempt to interfere with that “decision” (somehow, couching it as a “choice” and a “decision” seems to make it easier for some people to hide the reality of the homicide taking place) is “reproductive oppression.”

And this is an example of the rhetorical legerdemain leftists often employ in order to gain an emotional upper-hand. They depict an act of aggression as a “decision” or “freedom”, in this case even stepping close to blasphemy by calling it “sacred”. Only in the inverted anti-Christian theism of evil could one “sacred” the extermination of the human life God ordained to exist.

But by using these words, the leftist death promoters get to depict defenders of life as aggressors. And the rhetoric is so powerful that even asking to BE LEFT ALONE or asking to NOT FORCE OTHERS TO PAY is depicted as aggression.

In this perverse world of death-dealing propaganda, forcing others to pay for the taking of human life is described in positive, glowing terms. Take the Huffington Post headline, for example:

Progressive Faith Groups Welcome Biden’s Moves To Expand Abortion Access

Of course, the only way the Biden gang is “expanding abortion access” is by restricting the access of others to the fruits of their own labor. And since the federal government is TRILLIONS in debt, this assassin-funding money isn’t just coming from current taxpayers, it’s coming from future taxpayers – the ones fortunate enough not to get aborted.

And isn’t it a curiosity to see writers and editors to use the term “faith groups” to describe these so-called “believers” who supporter of the “choice” to take another human life?

How can one have faith in God, yet breach the Ten Commandments and openly use false terms to rename the thieving, the coveting, the murder?

It’s one thing to be a Christian Anarchist – and I am very close to many – who believes that the state is morally illegitimate and one should only answer to God’s Natural Law. That would mean not supporting taxation to pay a police force via the state, because taxation is a form of theft and theft is immoral and sinful. That, in its turn, would mean the formation of voluntary societies, where people of like minds would make voluntary agreements and hire, or form, their own defense and adjudication systems – again, voluntarily, allowing for market systems to show the best at those jobs. People who know that abortion is the taking of a human life could form their own societies where those who join do so with the explicit agreement not to engage in abortions. There were voluntary, non-tax-based societies in Ireland for over 1,000 years, and in Viking-Age Iceland for 800. They had rules and agreements, not statutes.

But if pro-abortion faux-“Christians” believe their neighbors should be taxed in order to create a police force and judicial system to stop or punish those who commit murder of children or fully grown human beings, then those pro-choice, pro-state Christians must ask themselves if a fetus is a human being.

By strict scientific and linguistic standards, at the moment of conception, a fetus is human, and it is being. It has unique DNA and that DNA is on the great arc of life until he or she naturally dies.

Intentionally ending that life is not a choice about “oneself”. It is an aggressive act: the killing of another human being.

So, if “pro-choice” people thirst for the state, and statutes, and taxes, to pay for “protection” and courts, then they operate in an inconsistent manner by not calling for their wonderful “state” to protect everyone equally. They have no standard on which to make their claim about “freedom” of choice or “freedom” at all. They run counter to the Fourteenth Amendment’s requirement that all states protect people equally.

And they defy the will of God.

This is precisely what Zeh applauds in her support for Biden’s forced seizure of other people’s money to pay for mass slaughter. The real meaning is exogenic. It’s obvious, and dark.

Consider this, noted by Bilger at LifeNews:

Zeh expressed hope that the Democrat president will do even more in the coming days to remove “harmful barriers” to abortion. To the ordained Baptist minister, this includes ending the Hyde Amendment, a popular, long-standing measure that prohibits taxpayer funding for elective abortions in Medicaid and other federal programs.

Zeh slammed the amendment as “unjust,” saying it “disproportionately impact[s] those already struggling to survive.

Struggling to survive…

Nothing more need be said.