Biden Met the Argentine President's Girlfriend - and Wouldn't Let Go

Brittany M. Hughes | June 10, 2022
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Creepy Joe got…well, creepy again.

It happened during a weird moment at Biden’s “Summit of the Americas” event, an international meeting that calls together leaders of countries in the Organization of American States.

While greeting Argentinian President Alberto Fernández, Biden once again displayed an inability to keep his roaming digits to himself when he went to shake hands with Fernandez’s girlfriend – and wouldn’t let go.

Here’s that weirdness:

“The strange moment in which Biden takes the hand of the girlfriend of Argentine President Alberto Fernández and does not let go; then he starts touching her again,” writer Emmanuel Rincón posted on Twitter, translated from Spanish.

In the video, the woman can be seen smiling and shaking Biden's hand before pulling away, only to look down as her hand is held fast in Biden's for several long, uncomfortable seconds. After a painfully inappropriate time, Biden finally lets go, looking confused...only to then begin stroking the woman's arm.

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The move is pretty par for the course for Biden, who has a well document history of touching women and children, sniffing their hair, moving behind them and holding their shoulders, or trying to kiss them - and sometimes succeeding.

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