Biden May Be Unavailable to Media Outlets That Are Not 'Straightforward' Enough For WH


White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield was interviewed Thursday morning by CNN host Alisyn Camerota regarding how the Biden administration will deal with networks that are “willfully lying” or spreading dishonest information.

Camerota asked Bedingfield about a line in Biden’s inaugural speech in which he talked about fighting “lies told for power and for profit,” and if he was specifically talking about certain media outlets that allegedly lied about the 2020 election results. Camerota added in her question: 

“We know who they are. They are right-wing companies, some are more fringe than others, at this point, or more extreme than others. And so if they continue to engage in lies, something that he is trying to combat, what is your communication strategy, will you deny those networks any interviews, I mean what happens if they revert to form immediately?”

Bedingfield began her response by saying “we are committed to reaching every American” The rest of her response left a lot for interpretation - but it is clear that the Biden administration may be particular about which networks they make themselves available to.

Bedingfield’s response: 

“Now obviously, if media companies are willfully lying or are not carrying forth straightforward honest information from the president when we make him available, or from administration officials when we make them available, then, of course, that’s something that we are going to think about and we’re going to factor in.”


After calling for unity throughout his inaugural address, it could be a poor decision for the Biden administration to start ostracizing right-wing media outlets on the second day of his presidency. 



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