Biden Laughs And Jokes About Christians Being Targeted By Transgender Killer

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | March 29, 2023
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Biden yet again showed just how “devout” he is to the Christian faith. 

Just one day after a transgender former-student murdered three adults and three nine-year-olds at a Christian school in Nashville, Joe Biden laughed and joked about the matter. Yeah, that’s who we’ve got “leading” our country.

Immediately following the massacre, Biden laughed and made jokes about eating ice cream but Wednesday’s “joke” took it a step further. 

A reported asked the President, “do you think Christians were targeted?” Biden replied by saying “I don’t know” in an obviously care-free/care-less cadence. 

The reporter added that “Josh Hawley thinks so,” to which Biden chuckled and said “Then I probably don’t. I’m joking. I’m joking.”

What. A. Clown.

We just experienced a national tragedy where a mentally ill transgender woman targeted a Christian school and attacked children and our president is laughing about it.

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Biden’s “who cares” attitude is a disgrace. Kids die and you laugh? Are you joking!? Of course, he knows it doesn't matter because his allies in the media will ignore it. And anyway, Christians aren't one of his must-pander-to groups.


I’m not alone in thinking this. Check out some of the replies from Twitter:

RNC Research affiliate Jake Schneider called Biden’s “instinct to laugh” “disgusting." Political commentator Larry Elder called the laugh “VICIOUS.”

Other blue checks were “embarrassed” that Biden is the “‘leader’ of the free world and one joked, “this guy should do stand up.”

They’re right. Our leader doesn’t have a clue what’s going on and he’s making a fool of himself. Laughing at the death of anyone, never mind children, is worse than inappropriate.

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