Biden 'Justice' Department Files For Injunction Against TX Pro-Life Act

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 15, 2021
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“Strict Catholic” Joe Biden’s so-called “Justice” Department just filed in a Texas federal court for an “immediate” court-ordered injunction against the recently-passed Texas SB8, aka “The Heartbeat Act of 2021”, which prohibits most willful takings of human life six weeks or more after conception, unless the act is performed to save the mother’s life.

The motion for an injunction against enforcement of the law comes a month after the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) found the statute to be constitutional, and a week after Attorney General Merrick Garland filed suit against Texas, claiming an amorphous “federal jurisdiction” (tied to the 1992 SCOTUS ruling in “Planned Parenthood v Casey”) over what, clearly, is a state purview to define and enforce capital murder crimes.

ABC News Reports:

’The State of Texas adopted S.B. 8 to prevent women from exercising their constitutional rights,’ the DOJ says in their motion. ‘This attempt to shield a plainly unconstitutional law from review cannot stand. The United States seeks a temporary restraining order or a preliminary injunction enjoining the enforcement of S.B. 8.’

And, again, the attack on federalism and on the very concept of human life is clear, expressed by the Biden DOJ. Offers ABC:

Department officials wrote that the order ‘is necessary to protect the constitutional rights of women in Texas and the sovereign interest of the United States in ensuring that its States respect the terms of the national compact,’ adding that ‘it is also necessary to protect federal agencies, employees, and contractors whose lawful actions S.B. 8 purports to prohibit.’

Curiously, that so-called “national compact” is something that none of us ever signed. But folks like Biden and Garland agreed to abide by it, and it’s called the US Constitution, which, in the Fourteenth Amendment, orders that states are supposed to protect all people, equally.

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And since, upon conception, a fetus is a distinct person -- a distinct living human being -- laws in any state that supposedly protect non-fetuses from attacks by others are supposed to protect ALL people.

Which, in fact, means that the Texas “Heartbeat Act” actually should be unnecessary, because other Texas laws prohibiting murder should apply.

But Garland and his gang look at abortion as an expression of “privacy” – as if, should one be able to kill another “in private,” the government can’t pry, can’t prosecute.

As WBUR, Boston, notes, this likely will “circle back” to the US Supreme Court:

The Justice Department is seeking a permanent injunction from a federal court in the Western District of Texas. But it's likely the U.S. Supreme Court will have the final word on the matter.

There is no word from the court as to when we can expect a response to the DOJ request, but that request is enough to confirm what one might have suspected about the Biden Administration:

Its members, on the whole, seem to view as poison the Natural Right to life that God, Himself, gave us.

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