Biden HHS Planning To Remove Providers' Religious Exemptions for Abortions, Sex Changes

Gabriel Hays | November 22, 2021
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Oh sure, the Biden administration is the return to decency from the four years of EVIL of the Trump administration. Grandpa Biden is a nice, benevolent guy who addresses Americans tenderly. Meanwhile his administration ignores religious freedom by forcing Catholic healthcare providers to do things that offend God. 

According to the National Catholic Register, the current Department Health and Human Services agency under Biden – run by pro-abortion extremist Xavier Becerra and transgender government official Rachel Levine –  is “developing new regulations for U.S. health-care law in close consultation with a coalition of activist groups intent on imposing an abortion, end-of-life and sexual-health agenda without religious-freedom exceptions.”

The regulations will outlaw religious exemptions, so Catholic healthcare providers for example, will have to provide care that goes against their religious beliefs. 

The fact that the Biden HHS is reportedly working with far left activist groups, the people that hate religious Americans the most, in order to come up with these new healthcare rules shows how earnestly they are pursuing a far-left agenda.

This would be “devastating” to Catholic healthcare workers, which the Register says care for “one in six hospital patients in the United States.”

So either these almost 17% of healthcare workers violate the Church’s teaching performing or encouraging grisly medical acts, or have the weight of the fed come down on them. Sounds like some other of the Biden administration’s horrendous healthcare mandates, specifically those of the vaccine variety. 

LGBTQ outlet reported that these new regulations are aimed at removing Trump-era religious waivers that healthcare providers could implement to avoid providing medical services that violated their faith. 

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In a statement published on on November 18 about the developing regulations, the agency described the Trump-era waivers as “inappropriate” and “overly-broad.” Of course, Biden’s HHS believes its new regulations will “prevent discrimination and strengthen civil rights.”

As National Catholic Register explained, the Trump administration waivers were meant to amend Obama-era directives “that required doctors to perform gender-transition surgeries or refer patients for them — despite objections they would have to the procedure.” 

Supposedly, Biden’s HHS not only wants to destroy the Trump-era provision, but wants to “exceed” the Obama-era HHS rules. According to the outlet, this will come by “expanding the scope of what discrimination on ‘the basis of sex’ means under [Obama’s] Affordable Care Act (ACA).”

What’s even more disturbing is that a coalition of far-left activist groups, called the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights – which includes Planned Parenthood, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Center for American Progress, the Human Rights Campaign and others – motivated the HHS to move out on this new regulation. 

The piece described how “Whitman-Walker Clinic, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit health system with a focus on the ‘LGBTQI+’ community' filed a legal brief in order to get the current HHS to move more quickly against the Trump-era waivers. Whitman-Walker Clinic is “party to the” Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. 

So now the Biden HHS is taking directions from Planned Parenthood, the SPLC and other private groups hell bent on killing more babies and promoting gender confusion, in order to step on the religious freedom of Americans. This is disturbing and dangerous. 

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