Biden 'Ghost Gun' Executive Order Could Be His Biggest Attack On Rights Thus Far

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 13, 2022
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On Monday, April 11, Joe Biden did what many pro-liberty Americans feared -- and more.

Adding the insults of wildly delusional, utterly fake, “history” to his rhetorical ammo, ol’ “shotgun Joe” announced dictator-like “Executive Branch action” to threaten people who make, own, or trade guns or gun parts – all of which they have fundamental rights to do without him threatening them with attacks by armed agents of the state.

Also nominating intense anti-gunner, former US Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, Steve Dettelbach, to head the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (BATF/ATF), Biden’s big White House show reminds keen observers not only that the Executive Branch has utterly no constitutional authority to tell people that they can’t own -- or trade or put together -- firearms, but that the ATF also is not sanctioned by their vaunted Constitution.

Not only is the so-called “power” not in the Constitution, as a recognition of the preexisting right to keep and bear arms, the Second Amendment strictly prohibits any such threatening agency – on ANY level of government.

But when was the last time any President abided by the Constitution?

With Vice President Kamala Harris and a gaggle of lawn ornament-like politicians and bureaucrats in tow, Biden spoke to the fawning media outside the tax-built White Palace, and offered foolish drivel such as:

Folks, a felon, a terrorist, a domestic abuser, could go from a gun kit to a gun in as little as 30 minutes. Buyers aren’t required to pass background checks. Because guns have no serial numbers – these guns – when they show up at a crime scene, they can’t be traced.

Which assumes a lot of things as standard, true, and moral “defaults.”

First. On the practical side, it assumes that a lot of these scary, build-em-at-home “Ghost Guns” are involved in crimes.

As Jeff Mordock and Tom Howell, Jr. write for The Washington Times:

Law enforcement officials and firearms experts say tackling ghost guns will do little to address the nation’s high homicide rate because the weapons account for a small portion of the guns recovered by law enforcement.

Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, a spokeswoman for the National Police Association, said law enforcement isn’t seeing a lot of ghost guns.

‘Using the term ghost guns makes them sound scary and dangerous, but as research shows, they are not a big problem for law enforcement,’ she told The Washington Times.


Data from the ATF and FBI revealed that ghost guns were used in less than 0.36% of homicides from 2016 to 2020.

Then there is the principled part of this.

In a free society, not one gun or part of a gun should have a trackable “code” on it because politicians say so.

In a free society, every gun is a “Ghost Gun.”

But, of course, this isn’t a free society in any way. And Biden’s “Executive Action” (which mimics unconstitutional “bans” on “Ghost Guns” in Maryland, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington) is yet another claim of government power over people who, generation after generation, year after year, have been victimized and had their rights attacked by statists like Biden.

And, to add insult to this injury (which seems to be the pattern for most politicians attacking our rights) Biden even went so far as to claim that in the Revolutionary era, people couldn’t own weapons that were as powerful as what he seems to think only the government had. He claimed that people didn’t own cannons.

And he’s profoundly wrong.

Biden might not have bothered learning this, but many people owned CANNONS in the 18th Century. In fact, one of the great heroes of the American Revolution, the legendary Paul Revere, was not only the blacksmith who made the Liberty Bell, he made cannons – for himself, others. The people of those times also understood the anger of being forced to DOCUMENT things for the government, which is why they vehemently opposed the STAMP ACT as one of the immoral actions by the Brits that led to the Revolutionary War.

Biden likes to spout patriotic rhetoric. But his knowledge of US history and the rights the American Rebels defended is so limited as to be next-to-nil.

Either that, or he does know, and is lying.

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