Biden Fires Staffers For Prior Pot-Smoking, Ignores Kamala’s, Hunter’s Past

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 23, 2021
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The levels of hypocrisy from the U.S. political left just keep rising. And leftists in and out of the pop media appear quite willing to overlook them.

As Andrew White reports for National File, and as DiscloseTV tweeted on March 19, White House Press Secretary and former CNN “journalist” Jen Psaki recently revealed that President Biden fired five White house staffers after learning of their past marijuana use.


And that’s marijuana, which, as White notes, for National File:

One notable White House official who has not been relieved of their position for smoking marijuana in the past would be Vice President Kamala Harris, who admitted to using marijuana and lied about listening to Tupac and Snoop Dogg on ‘The Breakfast Club’ radio show.

Yeah, Kamala admitted to smoking weed. And she seemed to enjoy reminiscing about it, making a coy reference to Bill Clinton’s dumb statement about how he did try pot in college, but he didn’t inhale:

I have. And I inhaled – I did inhale.

How cute. Especially for a former California district attorney who prosecuted more than 1,900 people who did the same.

And then there’s Biden’s son. Despite the fact that Joe has said he’s “proud” of Hunter, the guy has a bad past when it comes to drug use.

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As White reports:

Hunter Biden was infamously ejected from the U.S. Navy after failing a drug test due to cocaine use. Additionally, last year the New York Post published a photo of Hunter with what appears to be a crack pipe in his mouth as he slept.

So, one might expect the vaunted leftist “reporters” out there to call Biden to task for his hypocrisy, to ask Kamala how she can reconcile retaining her office while the five White House underlings have lost theirs, why Kamala doesn’t either speak out for them or resign in solidarity.


It’s a great example of the lack of standards among many of the political class.

And it’s a great way to remember that words don’t mean much with these people. And their actions often reflect huge double-standards.