Biden Finds Kindred Spirit in Fetterman: 'He's My Kinda Guy'

Nick Kangadis | October 31, 2022
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While I’ve been a lifelong fan of stand-up comedy, there seems nothing more funny than what comes out of the mouths of politicians and the establishment media that they order around. Perhaps no president has ever been funnier than President Joe Biden — except he’s in a category of his own since most of his comedic examples are unintentional.

Apparently, Biden is a big fan of Democratic governor’s candidate for the state of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman. While there are conflicting takes as to the mental acuity of Fetterman, which reminds people of Biden, the president believes Fetterman is “my kinda guy.”

You could say that again.

Fetterman is Pennsylvania. Fetterman is everything that he appears to be. You know where he stands. He has great courage. He has no reluctance in saying what he thinks. He’s my kinda guy, and I think he’s gonna be fine. He’s just getting better and better. He had a stroke. He’s recovered.

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“He’s my kinda guy.”

What else is there to say except, ‘We agree.’


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