Biden Dodges Question About Calls For Investigation Into Son Hunter

Eric Scheiner | November 20, 2019
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During Wednesday night’s Democratic Presidential debate Joe Biden was asked how he would work with GOP members that are currently calling for investigations into his son Hunter and himself. Biden managed to answer without mentioning his son or the Ukrainian energy company he worked for, Burisma.

“You've suggested in your campaign if you defeat President Trump, Republicans will start working with Democrats again. But right now Republicans are demanding investigations not only of you but also of your son. How would you get those same Republicans to work with you?” MSNBC Host Andrea Mitchell asked.

“Look, the next president of the United States is going to have to do two things. Defeat Donald Trump, that's number one,” Biden answered. 

“And number two, going to - have to make  - be able to go into states like Georgia and North Carolina and other places and get a senate majority. That's what I'll do. You have to ask yourself up here, ‘who is most likely to be able to win the nomination in the first place - to win the presidency in the first place?’ ‘And secondly, who is most likely to increase the number of people who are Democrats in the House and in the Senate?’

Then Biden focused on what he feels he has learned from the impeachment inquiry, not surprisingly it failed to have any connection to his son, Hunter or himself.

“I learned something about these impeachment trials. I learned number one, that Donald Trump doesn't want me to be the nominee. That's pretty clear. He held up aid to make sure that while at the same time innocent people are getting killed by Russian soldiers. And secondly, I found out that Vladimir Putin doesn't want me to be president. 

So I've learned a lot about these early on from these hearings that are being held. But the bottom line is - I think we have to ask ourselves the honest question, who is most likely to do what needs to be done? Produce a Democratic majority in the United States Senate, maintain the House and beat Trump."

If you read Biden's complete statement, you may ask yourself, 'Where's Hunter?'

It's a question many seem to have.

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