Biden Confronted by Protestors Demanding He Apologize for Obama-Era Deportations

Eric Schaffer | July 15, 2019
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While Joe Biden was campaigning in New Hampshire this weekend, the embattled 2020 Democratic candidate quickly found that he would not be able to escape the radical wing of his party very easily.

A group of protestors approached the former Vice President at his event, demanding he “apologize for the 3 million immigrants that were deported and separated from their families under the Obama era.”

“I want to know if you will commit to stopping all deportations and detentions if you are elected President,” one protestor asked.

“No, not all deportations and detentions,” Biden said before being cut off by a protestor, who asked, “Will you apologize for the 3 million deportations under the Obama administration?”

“No,” Biden said again before being cut off by a group of protestors chanting: “Three million deportations under the Obama administration! Apologize now! Apologize now!”


Biden became visibly frustrated before finally having the opportunity to answer the question. 

"Do you want me to answer your question?" he asked. "No you don't, really, but the fact of the matter is, deportation for a serious felony is a deportation. Deportation for a misdemeanor should not be deported."

"Under my administration, there will be no family separation until there is a hearing whether or not asylum is in fact warranted," said Biden.