Biden Calls For House GOPs To 'Be Respectful' - Week Before They Investigate Him

John Simmons | February 2, 2023
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At the National Prayer Breakfast this morning, President Joe Biden called on Republican lawmakers to work respectfully with Democrats.

After having a discussion with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) about the debt ceiling in which both men claimed the dialogue was respectful, Biden called for Republicans to do the same. 

“Let's start treating each other with respect. That's what Kevin and I are going to do. Not a joke,” Biden said. “We had a good meeting yesterday. I think we got to do it across the board. It doesn't mean we're going to agree -- fight like hell. But let's treat each other with respect.”

It’s ironic how Biden is putting the burden of change on conservatives, since the progressives lawmakers are some of the most divisive in the country when they don’t get their way or are looking for someone to blame. They repeatedly call anyone who doesn’t side with the a bigot, senseless, unpatriotic, and a host of other fierce insults.

But go ahead, keep framing the divisiveness as if it's largely conservatives fault!

The timing of these comments are even more ironic when you consider that House Republicans gear up to launch an investigation on the corruption surrounding Biden and his son, Hunter. Maybe this is a plea for conservatives to play nice if their investigation yields lots of unpleasant corruption surrounding Joe and his family?

If so, Biden better pray hard for that to happen.

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