Biden Boasts About Drop In Gas Prices - Which Is Still $2 Higher Than Under Trump

Brittany M. Hughes | July 25, 2022
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President Joe Biden loves taking credit – for anything.

And I do mean everything – from jobs he didn’t create to a vaccine he didn’t engineer and, now, “savings” the American people are pocketing after gas prices dipped from the historic peak they'd reached thanks to the left’s terrible domestic energy policies.

“For American families looking for a little more breathing room, these savings matter,” Biden – or whoever’s running his Twitter feed – posted Monday, along with a graphic claiming the average American family is saving about $35 a month per car from when gas prices were at their highest.

Which was about a month ago, at more than $5 a gallon.

Here’s the tweet, which is vomitously patronizing even if you don’t notice the “peson” typo (perhaps the administration meant to type “peon”?):

Which is kind of like smashing nine of someone’s toes with a hammer, then saying, “Yes, but imagine how much worse it would feel if I’d whacked that second pinky?”

So let’s do a little quick math, shall we?

At its peak on June 14, gas had hit $5.02 a gallon. As of today, AAA puts the average national per-gallon gas price at $4.355 – so let’s make it simply and say $4.36.

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That’s a “savings” of $0.66 per gallon…or is it?

If your car's got a 15-gallon tank and you fill up once a week, that $0.66-a -gallon cost decrease will save you about $40 a month (you're welcome for that extra $5, Joe).

Now consider that under President Donald Trump, gas prices hit a per-gallon low of $1.86. But, admittedly, that was the lowest it ever got under his term, meaning liberal “fact-checkers” will surely accuse me of cherry-picking the best data available. So instead, let’s go with how much a gallon of gas cost on his last day in office, after a nearly year-long pandemic and an economic shutdown.

Which would be $2.39 a gallon, according to CNN.

That’s $1.97 cheaper than today.

Which means that filling up that 15-gallon tank cost about $$29.40 less then than it does today, even after the “price drop” Biden’s so proud of. At four fill-ups a month, you were spending about $118 a month less compared to current prices.

Which, to parallel the White House graphic, comes out to $236 a month for two cars.

If you’ve got an SUV, the difference is even greater. At today’s prices, filling up a 23-gallon tank will cost you an extra $45.31 per fill-up than it did on January 19, 2020 – that’s more than $181 a month. Heaven help you if your family’s got two of them.

Factor in the cost of inflation, including the higher prices of food, electricity, and general goods and services, and the math doesn’t work out nearly as well for the Biden administration as they’d like to pretend - even after the price drop they're praising.

But sure! You enjoy your extra $35, “pesons.” Treat yourself a couple pounds of hamburger meat.

You still won’t have enough left over for the buns, but hey.

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