Biden Boasts $7K EV Tax Credits...While Sitting In a $100K Hummer

Brittany M. Hughes | January 31, 2023
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President Joe Biden is catching flak on social media for touting $7,500 in electric vehicle tax credits…while sitting in a $110,000 car.

“On my watch, the great American road trip is going to be fully electrified,” Biden - or whoever runs his account - boasted on Twitter as part of his administration's taxpayer cash-guzzling "green energy" push.

“And now, through a tax credit, you can get up to $7,500 on a new electric vehicle,” the posted added.

But even if you're able to afford an electric vehicle on top of paying $8 for a dozen eggs and $4 for a stick of butter, that $7,500 might not go very far if you’re looking to buy the one Biden’s sitting in in the photo accompanying his braggadocious tweet.

That would be GMC’s electric Hummer, which Biden test drove for a photo op during a visit to the company’s Detroit plant back in 2021, which is now worth between $85,000 and $100,000. A 2022 version of the truck, which Business Insider calls “outrageous in every way,” will run you between $108,000 and $113,000 - nearly four times the median U.S. income. 

If that weren't bad enough, it's worth noting that Biden’s EV tax credit only applies to people making less than $150,000 a year, or couples filing jointly who make less than $300,000 - which pretty much excludes anyone who’d be dropping $113,000 on an SUV.

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But wait, there's more!

Even the newly revamped Twitter thought Biden’s post lacked some important context - namely that the tax credits Biden’s promoting haven’t actually been established yet.

“It should be noted that some rules for the clean vehicle tax credit are on hold until further IRS guidance is issued in March,” a Twitter disclaimer observed.

And even if the rules had been finalized, the Hummer Biden’s sitting in isn’t on the list of tax credit-approved vehicles, meaning you’re on the hook for the entire price tag without any help from other taxpayers.

Of course, this is the same Biden who once claimed that inflation wasn't that bad while chowing down on a double scoop of overpriced ice cream while Americans struggled to fill up the cars they already owned and eggs soared to more than $6 a carton.

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