Biden Bias: Lefty Media Ask Biden Admin To Rate Itself – Shocked ‘Sleepy Joe’ Puts People To Sleep


In this week’s Wacky Moments of Leftist Extremism:

This week marked Biden’s 100 days in office and the leftist media couldn’t think of enough ways to heap praise upon his administration – so CBS just asked the administration to grade themselves.

CBS This Morning on Thursday reviewed Joe Biden’s first 100 days by cheering his executive orders and counting how many calls he’s had with world leaders! They just didn’t mention Biden’s border crisis. No need to mention that - must not be important to their viewers.

Also something the leftist media doesn’t want to mention - Biden’s lies.  The Washington Post which infamously added “democracy dies in darkness” to its front page once Donald Trump took office, has now apparently decided that everything is just fine.  The Post has announced the end of its presidential database of Biden fact checks. They’re too busy trying to slime Sen. Tim Scott (R- SC) to fact check Biden.

After endlessly hyping Biden’s big government, high taxes address to Congress, MSNBC reporters struggled to find anyone who had actually watched it. On Thursday, the correspondents, looking for voter reactions, admitted that most people they talked to didn’t see Biden's speech and that some “just went to bed.” 

For these stories and more from the zombie media sleepwalkers watch the video above.

For a complete rundown of leftist media madness check out NewsBusters.

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