Biden Announces Towering Attack On Constitution, Rights, With New COVID Jab-Test-Mask Mandates

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 10, 2021

“This isn’t about freedom,” Joe Biden, President of the supposed “land of the free” told reporters late in the afternoon on September 9, as he torched the last pretend vestiges of the U.S. Constitution, announcing a set of Executive Branch actions that will mandate numerous forms of COVID edicts on federal employees and those running, and/or working for, private businesses.

Referring to those who refuse to accept the vaccines he said:

Our patience is wearing thin, and the refusal has cost all of us.

Which is insulting, tactically ambiguous, and completely unsubstantiated.

Imagine what the “fair and objective” hosts at MSNBC, CNN, and other dinosaur outlets would have said if Donald Trump had uttered such an errant, threatening statement.

Of course, that was just a single sample of Biden’s breathtakingly totalitarian appearance at the White House, an appearance that saw him push a multi-faceted “plan” he says will “Combat COVID,” despite him already claiming months ago that this ever-more-centralized nation was “independent” of the virus.

Here, I would like to thank MRCTV’s Nick Kangadis, who has been on top of this from the outset, and who wrote a piece on Thursday highlighting the fact that in December of 2020 Biden promised that he would not institute mandates for masks (implying no mandates for jabs), and, in July, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the jab mandates were not a proper role for the federal government.

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Of course, we at MRCTV who report on this, and anyone who honestly assesses the activity of most politicians, know that the phrase “not a proper role for the federal government” is their malleable, in-the-moment, catch-phrase, because, by their actions, they demonstrate that they think the Constitution is meaningless, and anything can be a “proper role for the federal government.”

About the new mandates, Nick notes…

The White House website posted all of the requirements Thursday afternoon in their COVID plan:

  • Requiring All Employers with 100+ Employees to Ensure their Workers are Vaccinated or Tested Weekly

This will be done, as Biden indicated in his public appearance, via the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and its unconstitutional overseer, the Labor Department.

  • Requiring Vaccinations for all Federal Workers and for Millions of Contractors that Do Business with the Federal Government

Whether federal union members and contractors will consider this a breach of contract remains to be seen…

  • Requiring COVID-⁠19 Vaccinations for Over 17 Million Health Care Workers at Medicare and Medicaid Participating Hospitals and Other Health Care Settings

This likely will inspire lawsuits, via state governments that are under conservative legislatures and/or governors.

  • Calling on Large Entertainment Venues to Require Proof of Vaccination or Testing for Entry

As with the first bullet point, if this is required, it likely will be instituted through OSHA, with additional funding pressure placed on local and state governments to threaten the businesses. And, specifically, of governors who don’t comply, Biden said he will "get them out of the way.”

  • Requiring Employers to Provide Paid Time Off to Get Vaccinated

Again, this likely will be pressed via OSHA, the Labor Department, and numerous statutes such as Obamacare; it probably will be backed by fines, and could, down the line, be followed by Justice Department “investigations” of, or lawsuits against, businesses that don’t comply.

Biden also announced that he plans to massively increase the federal troop presence in each state, in order to, of course, help disseminate the jabs - a move that runs contrary to the concept of posse comitatus - and is precisely what some so-called “conspiracy theorists” worried he might try to do as soldiers returned from Afghanistan.

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Biden wants to double the federal fines for those caught “maskless” in airports, on planes, or on federally-run trains, like his darling parasite, AMTRAK.

And he wants to be sure to alleviate the “vaccine disparities” among “communities” comprised of “people of color” – because Joe has exhibited such care about minorities in the US that he helped craft the infamous 1994 “Three Strikes” statute that saw thousands of black and Hispanic men convicted of three non-violent felony drug offenses given lifetime prison sentences.

And all of it, as Biden claimed, is to “…combat those blocking public health,” because it is his “duty to protect the American people” rather than to protect and defend the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic – as he swore when he took office.

For those of us who have tried to educate people about how far astray the U.S. government has wandered from the original tenets and rules of the Constitution, for those of us who have tried to warn people that tolerance of unconstitutional agencies like OSHA and acceptance of statutes like Obamacare are immoral and will lead to greater problems, the recent bio-fascist announcement from Biden comes as no surprise.

But we hope that a few more Americans finally will see why we’ve been trying to warn them and will educate themselves about how this purported “land of the free” is supposed to function.

Because this is not it doing so.