Biden And WH Contradict - Can’t Stay On Track Over Possible Rail Strike

Eric Scheiner | November 28, 2022
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On Thanksgiving, Joe Biden claimed that he has not been “directly” engaged in negotiations to avert a potential rail strike in the US. Two days earlier, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly insisted that the president has been “directly” involved.

It would seem somebody is off the rails when it comes to the Biden administration’s handling of the issue.

“I have not directly engaged yet because they’re still talking,” Biden told reporters on Thanksgiving.

Biden’s statement stands in contrast to the repeated claims by Karine Jean-Pierre, who stressed Biden has been “directly involved because he understands how important it is to make sure that we do not have a rail strike.”

It’s estimated a rail strike could cost the U.S. economy about $2 billion per day. Halting the shipment of many foods and critical goods. 

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In addition, a shutdown could disrupt passenger rail including Amtrak.

Unless a deal is reached, rail union members could begin striking on December 9th.

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