'Biden Ally' Says Trump, 'Trumpist Extremists' Bigger 'Threat' to U.S. than Taliban & al Qaeda Combined

Nick Kangadis | August 25, 2021
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There must be a new variant of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), because if the left hadn’t gone off the deep end before, this variant has cemented their delusions.

Ardent “vocal ally of the Biden administration” David Rothkopf, who is also a contributor for the far-left Daily Beast and USA Today, tweeted out that former President Donald Trump and “Trumpist extremists” pose more of a threat to the U.S. than the Taliban terror group and al Qaeda terror group put together.

I can’t make this up. Rothkopf literally tweeted this recently. See for yourselves:

Fox News noted that Rothkopf is “frequently retweeted by White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, which puts into question whether some within President Joe Biden’s regime believe the same.

I don’t really have to tell you how stupid Rothkopf’s take is, because it speaks for itself. Although, a decent portion of his followers agree with him. But, that’s what you get in the echo chamber that is today’s Twitter.

Pro-tip: Every time you have a thought, you don’t have to tweet it out. Save yourself the embarrassment.