Biden Again Uses Other People’s Words As His Own – Echoes 2015 UN World Government Plan

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 8, 2020
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Remember when Joe Biden was exposed for plagiarizing a law review article for one of his Syracuse Law papers and he blamed the Dukakis for President campaign’s “dirty politics” for the flap?

Remember when Biden claimed that he graduated Syracuse Law as a top student, and that he got three undergrad degrees, but was exposed as graduating number 76 out of 85 in the law school class, and was shown to have not received three undergrad degrees?

Remember when Biden claimed he got a full academic scholarship to law school, but was exposed for the untruth?

Remember when Biden seemed to lift entire paragraphs of a speech by British Labour Party politician Neil Kinnock – including references to Kinnock’s life that had no connection to Biden’s whatsoever – during his bid for the 1988 Democrat Party Presidential nomination?

And remember how his Democratic National Convention speech on August 20 saw Joe accused of employing rhetoric that seemed far too similar to the words of Canadian politician Jack Layton?

C’mon, man! Get with the program! Biden’s team and the pop media dinosaurs at CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and many old newspapers, probably want you to forget those!

And, likewise, they might want you to quickly forget this, yet another example of Joe seemingly lifting words written by others, and in this case, the possible act of copying isn’t as alarming as the content of the material that appears to have been copied.

The New American’s Alex Newman reports that Joe appears to have employed the term “Build Back Better” for his own use, but it originally was promulgated in 2015 by our globalist pals at the United Nations.

Notes Newman:

Perhaps hoping nobody but globalists and Deep State bigwigs would notice the obvious connection, the former vice-president's campaign for president has been touting its 'Build Back Better' scheme all over its website and beyond for weeks. However, there was no mention of the UN's own “Build Back Better” scheme upon which it seems to be based — and that is not surprising, since American voters would likely be horrified. 

Indeed. By now, even supporters of Biden are so aware of his spider web of tall tales and plagiarism that they might have come to expect this kind of thing from Creepy Uncle Joe. Of course, that doesn’t make it any more acceptable, but his fans seem perfectly willing to not just overlook his perfidy, but to embrace it. And that might have a lot to do with the fact that they also embrace his rabidly collectivist, government-expansionist ideology.

And it’s this worldwide collectivist ideology behind the seemingly cribbed words that’s most alarming.

Newman expands:

 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is using the same phrase, too, as are authorities in Canada and multiple other nations. The World Economic Forum, which is pushing the ‘Great Reset’ alongside the UN and the IMF, is also peddling ‘Build Back Better’ as a slogan to ‘reinvent capitalism.’

And that, as Newman notes, is important.

For those who are unaware, this terminology is part of a long crusade by globalists tied to the UN, the World Bank, the EU, the WHO and other “multinational” organizations to scrap both national sovereignty and free market capitalism. As I noted for MRCTV in May, its intent is a “world reset” to usher in a world currency (likely digital) and a world tax, as well as international fascism in the form of the UN and other such multinational governing bodies destroying the governments of select nation-states, and sending money to specially favored corporations and banks.

Notes Newman:

The slogan is now a catch-all phrase to push every Deep State policy prescription ranging from globalism and Big Government to 'climate' schemes and 'sustainable development' that would crush whole sectors of the economy. It goes hand in hand with the UN-backed ‘Great Reset’ and the totalitarian ‘Green New Deal.’

And Newman offers deeper details:

In all cases reviewed by The New American magazine, the goal of the ‘Build Back Better’ campaigns is to promote a ‘rebuild’ of society or different elements of it based on progressive, globalist values in response to some sort of crisis. Originally, it was about ‘building back’ in a UN-desired way after natural disasters. But COVID19 did not destroy any buildings or infrastructure. Now, then, the phrase is being applied to rebuilding the economy and governance — and hence, the framework of society — following the economic devastation wrought by governments over coronavirus hysteria and other ongoing crises. It appears to have much in common with the radical Green New Deal promoted by communists in the United States and other nations.

And he adds:

Today, the UN's use of the phrase has now morphed into something much broader, with the UN peddling the ‘Build Back Better’ concept across a wide array of policies. In line with the UN, national governments and even the Democrat presidential candidate are using the slogan as cover for restructuring their societies and nations following the devastation unleashed by government responses to COVID19, as well as the Deep State-backed riots that plagued Democrat-controlled American cities in recent months.

And squandering no opportunity to fall in line with liberty-hating globalists, Biden’s team is right onboard:

’Make no mistake: America has been knocked down,’ Biden's campaign website says, pointing to massive unemployment and destruction of businesses amid coronavirus lockdowns (ironically engineered mostly by totalitarian-minded Democrat mayors and governors). ‘And, Black and Latino Americans, Native Americans, immigrants, and women have never been welcomed as full participants in the economy.’

It’s a shame that Biden didn’t notice (or doesn’t want others to notice) that at this time last year, stats for those minority groups showed the lowest unemployment levels for half a century.

But, of course, thanks to collectivist lockdowns that have destroyed the economy and stand as giant middle fingers to the U.S. Constitution, that’s no longer the case.

And, of course, those are lockdowns that Biden not only supported, but which he has said need to be more stringent.

So Joe Biden is easy to understand. His words seem to have been offered before by many other people, and they are uniformly collectivists, meaning the ideas have been seen before.

And they’ve brought nothing but economic hardship and sadness for millions.

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)