Biden Admin Readies 30,000 More IRS Agents To Descend On Americans

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 12, 2023
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Thrilling news… The Internal Revenue “Service” is readying to “serve” Americans even more aggressively than they already have.

Reuters reports via The Free Beacon that, over the next two years, the IRS will use your money to hire 30,000 new agents – to ensure they take in more money from Americans.

But, perhaps in the tradition of calling this enormous political vampire a “service,” they can employ more Newspeak euphemisms to hide their predation:

“The U.S. Internal Revenue Service plans to hire nearly 30,000 new employees and deploy new technology over the next two years as it ramps up an $80 billion investment plan to improve tax enforcement and customer service, it said on Thursday”

Last I looked, the word “investment” connoted voluntary action on the part of the “investor.” This sounds more like a thief mugging you on the street and then thanking you for your “patronage” and your interest in helping him “improve his service” to you.

And, lo-and-behold:

“The tax agency, in its long-awaited Strategic Operating Plan, said it will obligate about $8.64 billion of the new funding during the 2023 and 2024 fiscal years, and that 8,782 of the new hires during those years will be enforcement staff.”

So, there you go. All set. We’re getting fleeced so that the IRS can hire more people to fleece more people – but let’s be sure to call it “improved customer service.”

“The IRS also will continue to ramp up customer service hiring after taking on 5,000 new taxpayer services staff in recent months...

Including those new employees, customer services hiring will total 13,883 full-time-equivalent staff over the two-year period, according to the 148-page plan.”

Kind of like a Complaints and Compliance Department for the Mafia…

But, in addition to the immorality and linguistic insult of this politically-relabeled move, there are wider practical ramifications, because the fanged government vampire only lives off the productive capacity of individuals, and by expanding its coven of IRS blood-suckers, the feds drain our pockets not just to the tune of $8.64 billion in order to fund these new hires. The “new hires” will be used to suck away even more cash from the overall economy, redirecting the blood of our earnings into the monsters they want to give life.

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“The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the new funding will generate about $204 billion in new revenue during the next decade -- funds that helped pay for the Inflation Reduction Act investments. The Treasury has used estimates as high as $400 billion over the decade, with higher collections beyond the 10-year budget window.”

That’s $20.4 BILLION a YEAR – snatched from the hands of the people who worked to offer something to willing buyers, taken from individuals who are not supposed to be enslaved, regardless of the euphemisms and rationales promulgated by the slave masters. That’s money which, when reinvested by the person who earned it and rightly OWNS it, reflects the interests and values of the owner, reveals REAL prices, and offers new sellers and investors free market signals about what is liked and disliked, needed and not needed, in the market.

Every time the political vampire redirects that cash, we all lose information and opportunities, money is shifted into areas which, by definition, we don’t know whether anyone values, and lives are harmed.

This practical problem is unavoidable, and endemic to the parasitism of the state. No euphemism such as “service,” or “investment,” or “inflation reduction act,” can hide what the thugs are doing:

Taking our money, hiring more people to take more of our money, and destroying the moral market they constantly bleed.

And this is just the beginning. As we know, as part of his “Inflation Reduction Act,” the “actor” Biden plans to hire 87,000 new IRS employees – something House Republicans tried to stop with reform legislation earlier this year, but, because the Senate did not embrace the House attempt, the GOP ultimately has been unable to stop.

So, as springtime sweeps into our lives, and we think about rebirth, regrowth, and new developments, we also can think about new parades of parasites, eating away our sustenance.

At least they could show us the respect to stop using terms like “service” when they do it.


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