Biden Admin Offers Schools FEDERAL $ To DISOBEY Florida's Mask Freedom

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 16, 2021
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In a shocking follow-up to Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s bizarre inversion of public school mask freedom, the Biden Administration Friday announced that it will CIRCUMVENT the Florida government and directly fund local schools defying Governor Ron DeSantis’ order allowing mask freedom for students.

FoxNews’ Brie Stimson reports:

U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona wrote in a letter to DeSantis and state Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran on Friday that defiant districts that lose state funding would have federal funds available to them, according to Politico.

MRCTV readers and viewers will recall that on August 6, Psaki not only dismissed parental concerns over the masking of their kids, she flipped truth on its head to claim that DeSantis’ Executive Order banning public schools from issuing mask mandates -- an order that lets parents and kids CHOOSE – was, somehow, ANTI-freedom.

As I wrote at the time:

Perhaps Jen has been too busy to understand that when a politician tries to make sure other politicians and bureaucrats don’t apply force to parents and kids, that’s NOT a decrease in freedom. It’s a relative increase in freedom.

It appears as if Ed Secretary Cardona went to the same logic-inversion school as Psaki, for in his statement promising federal cash to local Florida schools that mandate masks, he claimed:

Florida’s recent actions to block school districts from voluntarily adopting science-based strategies for preventing the spread of COVID-19 that are aligned with the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) puts students and staff at risk.

Which is a study in the art of postmodern propaganda.

Americans will recognize Cardona’s Orwellian use of the word “voluntarily.” Just like Orwell’s Big Brother told trapped residents, “Freedom Is Slavery,” Cardona employs “voluntary” to depict local governments FORCING kids into masks as, somehow, “voluntary.”

Thumbing his nose at taxpayers, DOE head Cardona increased the Biden Administration spin:

We are eager to partner with [the Florida Department of Education] on any efforts to further our shared goals of protecting the health and safety of students and educators. If FLDOE does not wish to pursue such an approach, the Department will continue to work directly with the school districts and educators that serve Florida’s students.

Which contravenes not only the written rules of the US Constitution, but also the spirit of federalism. It attacks the respect for local decision-making that inspired people such as James Madison to stress that if a power were not specifically enumerated as belonging to the feds in the Constitution, it belonged to the states and the people therein. As Madison said, federal anti-constitutional actions were “nugaroty” and “improper” if they went beyond what was enumerated.

Of course, Department of Education Secretary Cardona didn’t mention any of that in his letter. He appeared too focused on flipping the idea of freedom and too interested in promising federal cash to local schools to be bothered.

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Cardona also didn’t bother to mention that neither the CDC nor his own department are sanctioned by the US Constitution.

Curious, that…

It’s almost as if centuries of political gamesmanship and favoritism -- from the days of Alexander Hamilton dreaming-up “implied powers” in the Constitution, to Jimmy Carter and his pals creating the unconstitutional Department of Education, to today – have brought us to the absolute nadir of the US system, where the term “Constitution” is bandied about like a stage prop or studio backdrop to lend a false sense of gravitas and patriotism to their bald-facedly illegal actions, while politicians curry favor and hand out tax cash to gain more power and control over our lives.

Heck, on Friday, Biden called Broward County School Superintendent Vickie Cartwright to support her defiance of DeSantis' call for parental and student freedom of choice. Talk about having no shame.

The Biden Administration has discarded any real pretense that it will respect the operational rules under which it is supposed to operate. It has discarded any respect for the meaning of words, or common sense, or parental rights to see their kids treated properly in the very schools for which they, and millions of others, are forced to pay.

They are openly, aggressively, flaunting their anti-constitutional philosophy and attracting leftist Americans to do the same, to attack the very institutions and decentralized system of governance they claim to run, based on the provisions of the US Constitution.

To think they can pretend that any of this is “voluntary” on the part of parents is the crowning insult.