Biden Admin Nixes Twitter Account That Alerted the Public About Dangerous Illegal Aliens

Brittany M. Hughes | March 3, 2021
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The Biden administration has evidently all but nixed a Twitter account called “@ICEAlerts,” which had been largely used during the Trump administration to warn the public via social media about dangerous criminal aliens at large in the United States.

While the account still exists, the administration has made it “private,” meaning only those who request – and are granted access – can follow it. The account had been created in 2013, but was primarily used under Trump to send pubic safety alerts about dangerous illegal aliens who’d committed violent crimes including rape, murder, drunk driving, and drug offenses.

Under Trump, the account would publish information about the “fugitive” including their name, nationality, and criminal history, along with where they’d last been seen.

Immigration officials also used the account to post "Most Wanted Wednesday" alerts in hopes of soliciting the public’s help in finding illegal aliens at large in their community. And just to remind, we aren’t talking about illegal aliens who, aside from coming across the border unlawfully, are otherwise generally good people – we’re talking about criminals who not only violate the law in the way they’ve come, but are continually violating the law, oftentimes in heinous and deadly ways, once they’ve put down roots.

But now, the account can’t even be accessed by the public, much less utilized for the purposes of catching these criminals or alerting the public to the presence of a dangerous person. On top of that, an ICE spokesperson reportedly told Fox News the new administration doesn’t even plan on using the account at all, saying, "ICE continues to use its main twitter account, @ICEgov, and our regional twitter accounts to communicate with the public about our national security, border security, and public safety mission."

“As with similar accounts associated with prior administrations’ policies, @ICEalerts was archived as it was no longer being maintained,” the spokesperson continued, adding that the administration wants to ensure “current accurate information remains consist with current priorities.”

Which, apparently, doesn’t include protecting Americans and legal immigrants from dangerous people who shouldn’t even be here in the first place.