Biden Admin To Mandate Expensive 'Climate-Friendly' Gas Furnaces For Homes

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 16, 2022
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Thanks to Joe Biden, his “Energy Secretary” Jennifer Granholm, and decades of anti-constitutional engineering to impose layers of federal mandates on American manufacturers and consumers, the Biden Administration is ready to tell everyone what kind of new gas furnace they can use to heat a private residence.

But don’t worry. This is the “land of the free.”

The feds are going to impose what are called "condensing furnaces" for American homes and apartment buildings, banning others for new sales.

And CNN, of course, misses major points – like freedom, economic calculation requiring consumer liberty, and the fact that claims of anthropogenic climate change are highly debated.

Oh, and then there’s that difference between the limits the Constitution is supposed to apply to the federal monster, and the fascist behemoth into which generations of politicians like Biden and Granholm have transformed it.

Gushed Ella Nilsen June 13, for CNN:

President Joe Biden's Department of Energy on Monday will propose a new rule to make residential, natural gas furnaces more energy-efficient. It would be the country's first significant update to furnace standards since the 1990s.

See, it’s a “new rule.” Translation: It’s a fascist and unconstitutional command, and if you, as a business person, don’t comply, you will be fined. If you don’t pay the fine, you will be charged with a crime. If you don’t go to the court to face the feds, they will come for you – and the agents of the state who come for you will carry guns that you were forced to buy for them, via your business taxes.

So much for politicians who claim they oppose “gun violence.”

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The move also restricts consumers, so, as mentioned earlier, just how “free” are you if, in the land of the free, you don’t even have the liberty to heat your own dang home the way you want?

In her green-colored Orwell Release at the Department of Energy (enjoy finding permission for THAT in the US Constitution) Granholm – who LAUGHED last year when asked what her plan was to help bring down energy costs – claimed:

By updating energy standards for many carbon-emitting appliances, such as home furnaces, the Biden Administration is working to save consumers money…

Ahh, yes. The edicts that our tax-eating overlords issue are going to "save" us ADDITIONAL money, even as they eliminate our freedom of choice.

We can decide the factors we find important. We can judge affordability, longevity, installation expense, repair risk, and relative savings or other factors -- and the market incentivizes both us and sellers to get and offer what we want.

What works, we will keep. What doesn’t, we will drop, and others will notice, and adjust accordingly.

Granholm and the gang want to force us to buy what are called “condensing furnaces” for new homes or as replacement burners in existing homes…

Under the proposed rule, non-weatherized gas furnaces and those used in mobile homes would be required to achieve an annual fuel utilization efficiency of 95%.

The feds don't mention that the new "95% efficient" burners are only marginally more efficient than non-condensing furnaces, that they cost MUCH more to install, and they already have been available for voluntary purchase, and most folks haven't jumped on them. 

Interestingly, the Trump Admin revoked this impending requirement, but, of course, Biden reimposed it, and it's on its way. As Ben Lieberman wrote for the Competitive Enterprise Institute in 2021:

In one of the Trump Department of Energy’s (DOE) last regulatory actions, the agency on January 15 revised the energy efficiency standards for residential furnaces in a way that will expand consumer choice and reduce costs. But the rule has already come under attack from activists and likely will be targeted by the incoming Biden administration.

And from whence does this idiocy stem? The big environmental push in DC, circa the 1970s.

Under the 1975 Energy and Policy Conservation Act, DOE has authority to set and periodically revise energy and water efficiency standards for home appliances. By now, everything from air conditioners to dishwashers to water heaters to clothes washers and dryers to lighting to furnaces and more has been subjected to multiple rounds of successively tighter standards.

Though ostensibly for the benefit of consumers, some standards, such as those for home air conditioners, have raised the upfront cost of appliances more than many consumers will earn back in the form of lower utility bills.

But Granholm doesn’t care, and should you complain or challenge their claims about the climate? The Biden Admin also wants to censor you, like the people they tried to portray as COVID19 apostates when they posted info that didn’t play nice with the unbelievable government pandemic narratives.

The Orwellian world is upon us. But it has been upon us for generations – which is one of the reasons Orwell wrote “1984.” During his own era, Orwell fought with the censors and the rhetoricians and political players, and, in addition to translating the horrors of the Soviet Union into the tale, he translated those personal-professional UK frustrations into scenes and dialogue in his book.

Joe Biden has said, “We are going to get rid of fossil fuels.”

He is trying. Granholm is backing him up, with tall tales, and tyranny.

When will Americans push back?

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