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Bibi: ‘For The First Time In My Lifetime, I See a Real Hope For Change’


During a joint address in Jerusalem on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that thanks to President Trump’s leadership, he has hope for “real peace.”

“I want to thank you, especially today, for your deep commitment to Israel’s security, its well-being, and its future,” Netanyahu said. “I have no doubt, that as we work together — you and I — the alliance between our countries will grow ever stronger.”

“I want you to know how much we appreciate the change in American policy on Iran, which you enunciated so clearly just an hour ago. I want you to know how much we appreciate your bold decision to act against the use of chemical weapons in Syria. And I want to tell you, also, how much we appreciate the reassertion of American leadership in the Middle East,” Netanyahu continued.

“I look forward to working closely with you to confront the dangers we face, together, in this violent and volatile Middle East,” Netanyahu said before detailing their commitment to roll back Iran’s “ambition” to obtain nuclear weapons.

“It won’t be simple,” Netanyahu said, “But for the first time in many years, and Mr. President, for the first time in my lifetime, I see a real hope for change.”

While speaking at the White House in February, Netanyahu also said it was the first time in his lifetime that he saw an opportunity for peace with the Arab states as, according to him, they no longer see Israel as the enemy.



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